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What Is Ad-Da'watus-Salafiyyah?

Shaikh Saalih bin 'Abdil-'Azeez Aali Shaikh said,

"There is no such thing as ”study time” for the student of knowledge! This is because all of his time is spent in seeking knowledge. In the morning and in the evening, his mind is preoccupied with the various issues of knowledge." ~ Al-Manhajiyyah fee Talabil-'Ilm"

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Who Is The Most Preferable , When It Comes To Washing A Body

Question: Who is most preferable when it comes to washing a woman's body? Is it allowed for a disbeliever to wash a Muslim's body? And regarding placing a woman in her grave, it is a condition that the person doing it be some close relative of the woman or is it allowed for any person to do this job? Are the people who work in the graveyard allowed to place the woman in the grave?

Answer: The washing of a woman's body should be done by the closest to her, then the closest after them and so on, among the female relatives who know how to wash the body. However, it is permissible for any Muslim woman who knows how to wash a dead body to perform the duty (of washing another woman) even if she is not her close relative. Similarly, it is allowed for her husband to wash his wife's body and for a wife to wash her husband's body.

As regards to a disbeliever washing a Muslim's body, then it is not allowed since the act of washing a dead body is considered as an act of worship, and acts of worship are not valid if performed by a disbeliever.

With regard to the third issue in the question: who should place a woman in her grave? The answer is that any Muslim who knows how to place the body in the grave can perform the duty, even if he is not her mahram.

Fatwa 'Essential Rulings For Every Muslim Woman by the Permanent Committee for Research and Verdicts (p147/148)

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